Alpha Strong’s core value system is defined by our belief in a synergistic approach to fitness and lifestyle. Deviating from the run-of-the-mill fitness landscape, we believe in being a part of the entire process. Beginning with the leading edge, original equipment design and manufacturing, all the way through to the individual. Workout smarter and get results with our innovative equipment.


Alpha Strong’s mission is to create lifestyle equipment that inspires and works in tandem with you. Whether you are an experienced fitness enthusiast, or just starting out, we aim to provide a challenging workout that is not only empowering, but fun, functional, and safe. This is achieved by using versatile equipment that is portable and approachable, making it work no matter your skill level.


Alpha Strong evolved from fitness industry trends that were simply not yielding ultimate results. Alpha Strong Training was created by Kathy Hankins out of a passion to find a holistic approach to fitness. Kathy has realized the need for safe and approachable equipment that her clients could use on their own. While she continues to train large groups using the live weight system, she has made these sandbags and balls available to the public.

Featured in GQ Magazine, Shape Magazine, Men’s Fitness and has been part of the TMX show on CBS Sports, Alpha Strong equipment has produced unparallel results. Kathy’s goal is to allow clients to maximize their efforts and results by allowing their body to become the machine.

Getting worldwide recognition from some of the fastest growing gyms in the United States to military divisions, fitness trainers, and professional athletes. Alpha Strong is proud to be currently co-branding and outfitting Tough Mudder studios across the Nation.