Sandbags have been in the fitness arena for decades. Commonly seen in underground fitness facilities, old-school gyms and garages, and used for years in strong men competitions. Sandbag training means training with unstable loads – the filler sand inside shifts and moves when you do, giving you a much more dynamic and challenging training regimen. The movement of your sandbag forces you to engage your body’s stabilizer muscles, building coordinated strength and balance throughout your body.

Strength training with sandbags is easy to learn, challenges the whole body, and is one of the most versatile and functional fitness tools. Commonly recognized as a serious tool for elite performance, in recent years sandbags have been introduced to the mainstream fitness world. Because of the benefits of training with this tool, quality sandbags are now available for at home workout.  

Why Are Ours Different?

If sandbags have been around for decades, then what makes Alpha Strong different? Alpha Strong Sandbags are simple, strong, and made to last with military grade materials. Created with the intention of being used in gyms by multiple people, multiple times a day, they are built ahead of the curve. These are the first sandbags and balls on the market that have function driven handles in multiple places for easy handling and versatility.

The feedback we have received from gym owners that have used our products speak to the extremely high quality of these bags. When using other types of sandbags gym owners have consistently had issues with the longevity and quality. Experiencing issues such as broken liners, ripped handles, and made of inferior materials that are obviously not intended to withstand the brutal force of a daily workout. Sound familiar?

After switching to Alpha Strong Sandbags and Sandballs, gym owners are no longer frustrated. The obvious improvement of build quality of our bags are like no other on the market. This isn’t just a sandbag, this is a piece of quality gym equipment.

How Are The Workouts?

Workouts with sandbags and balls are challenging and never boring, you will be fatigued after every drill with these tools. The sand in the bag allows you to adjust your exercise regime day by day, make the bag or ball heavier or lighter depending on what you need.

A heavy bag will provide slower, more controlled movements. A lighter bag will provide more speed and allow more reps. Whether you train individually or in a large group, this tool will bring versatility and results. Oh yeah, and sweat!

Slamming a bar gives you bragging rights, slamming a bag sounds like gunfire!

Who Can Benefit?

Sandbags have a variety of uses, including individual training, boot camps, hybrid training, HITT training. Used by athletes for conditioning, martial artists, armed forces, firefights, and other industrial athletes. Alpha Strong sandbags can be seen being used in Tough Mudder competitions. 

Traditional workout moves like pulls, pushes, lifts, and throws are easily accomplished using the handles. You can also do non-traditional and sometimes more challenging moves if you’re more experienced. Alpha Strong bags feel like traditional sandbags in that the sand shifts as you move them; we call this fighting the bag and it is one of the benefits of using sandbags. 

Gym Owners and Coaches

Sandbags are live weight meaning, the weight shifts side to side oppose to dead weight which pulls you down (gravity) leading to injuries. Sandbags are safe to use in large group setting and can take the place of a bar. The best thing is that you can get your clients into all different plains and ranges of motion, that you cannot with a bar! Sandbags are portable and compact oppose to bars that take up space and are not easy to transport. Less intimidating and more approachable for your customers, sandbag training is for everyone! Pack the house with this tool and generate more income stream than ever before. Our Sandbags can be customized for your studio with your brand logo. Best part Alpha Strong Sandbags will not damage your beautiful studio floors.



Train anywhere! Portable, safe, will not hurt your floors or take up space. Head to the beach or use in your living room., you can count on seeing results by investing in Alpha Strong equipment! Get results while exercising on your own with traditional moves or advance moves, inside or outside. The possibility with this equipment is endless.