Alpha Strong Sandball


If you work out with medicine balls or kettlebells you are going want to add Thy SandBall™ to your routine.

Be one of the first to TRAIN HARD with the original sandball, Alpha Strong SandBall™.

  • Weight capacity 10-30 pounds
  • Load weight using the easy access, wide mouth, double closure opening
  • Includes No Leak inner sandbag that holds up to 30 pounds (sand not included)
  • Double set handle configuration for maximum versatility


Built with the highest quality and care, Alpha Strong Sandballs are incredibly versatile and portable. Allowing you to take them on a hike, head to the beach, or use in your living room sandbags can be used for most single and multi-jointed movements, making them a great workout. Used by beginners and pros, you can count on seeing results for a typically smaller investment. Get results while exercising on your own with moves that are not possible with traditional equipment, like Sandbag Back Squats and Sandbag Clean and Press.

A heavy bag will provide slower, more controlled movements. A lighter bag will provide more speed and allow more reps. Whether you train individually or in a large group, this tool will bring versatility and results. Oh yeah, and sweat!

To learn more about the different ways to train with an Alpha Strong bag, take a look at our training page!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

Gray, Green